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SoothingEyes™️ - Black Case
SoothingEyes™️ - Black Case
SoothingEyes™️ - Black Case

SoothingEyes™️ - Black Case

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*Does not include SoothingEyes™️

  • Made of molded plastic that easily holds up to two pairs of SoothingEyes ™️.
  • Aeration notches in the front and back let your SoothingEyes ™️ breathe properly after use and disinfection.
  • Choose from a variety of colors! (Black, Purple, Pink, and Blue)
  • Its compact design makes it an easy container to carry around.
  • A snap closure allows you to secure your SoothingEyes ™️ tightly.
  • Size: 3-1/2" x 3" x 1".

Testimonials from early testers:
G. Rain Gaffney L.M.A Santa Clarita, Ca - I've been a Medical Esthetician for many years and have never seen a more thoughtful product as this. Soothing Eyes provides such comfort to my clients and that is a number one priority for my business. I highly recommend anyone in the medical field or skin industry to please try Soothing Eyes and help spread the word Finally the answer to all of our sensitive eye solutions is Solved, Fantastic!

Kelly S, on Facebook (photo) - Had a horrible headache this morning...Soothing Eyes to the rescue. Seriously awesome if you have a headache and need to block out the light. I'd pay $15 all day for these!!! Check it out if u relate!! Looks like Jack could've used them last night

Susanne C, on Facebook (photo) - ...relaxing in the sun with Soothing Eyes. Mia says, "They feel really neat and comfortable!" Soothing Eyes is a great idea for tanning beds or a day at the beach, as the line across the bridge of the nose is eliminated.

*For Individual Use Only*