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The Story

How SoothingEyes came to be.



Mia says, "They feel really neat and comfortable!" Soothing Eyes is a great idea for tanning beds or a day at the beach, as the line across the nose is eliminated.

Susanne C. with Mia & Izzy

Brilliant! Wish I'd have thought of inventing this! ;) I am an esthetician for 8 years." ... "I just used these for the first time during a facial. Wonderful!! Client loved them! Said they were extremely comfortable and blocked the light from my mag lamp really well. Really great for me to work around while doing extractions too. I plan to also use them for LED facials.

E. Clausen, California

Had a horrible headache this morning...Soothing Eyes to the rescue. Seriously awesome if you have a headache and need to block out the light. I'd pay $15 all day for these!!! Check it out if u relate!! Looks like Jack could've used them last night.

Kelly S.